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Click Here To :  Watch Endless Love Full Movie Online

In a romance aimed at tweens and teens, you need some underlying morality or a subtle message to “do what is right”. This movie knows what is right and what is smart, identifies it, and then promptly laughs in its face and grinds it into the dirt. It is NOT okay for a young girl to ignore the violent tendencies of her boyfriend before intending to give up her life for him. It is NOT okay for a mother to be jealous of the “love” between 2 teenagers that just met and be upset with the father when attempts to break it off. It is NOT okay to steal people’s cars because they are jerks towards you. It is NOT okay to sneak into people’s houses that don’t like you and have sex with someone you hardly know.

It is NOT okay to say “screw you” to internships and opportunities you have committed to when teenage love shows up: that’s not how life works. It is NOT okay to say it is more important to seek out a lover before deciding what to do with your life. It is NOT okay to smoke weed in the elephant’s exhibit. It is NOT okay to make out with an old boyfriend while you are in a relationship and then promise to run away to the other side of the world in the middle of college, with no money or plans or future. None of what this movies says is okay, is okay.

Today, many people in our society choose to leave one another for someone else. Someone new, who ignites their feeling of love once again. At one point in the film we can sympathise with “Ms.Butterfield” (starred by Joely Richardson) who is the type of woman who bares pain and accepts the fact that his husband has an affair with another woman as we see when “David” (Starred by Alex Pettyfer) catches the husband in the basement kissing another woman.. the viewer understands that he no longer loves her.

Moreover, this film is quite realistic…I am sure that most of you who are reading this post either have first hand experience or understand that sometimes our inner animal instincts in our own families are unleashed and we all fall out and become unstoppable. This can be seen right near the end of the film. The structure is well organized and follows through exactly the way it should.

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