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The high school drama aspect of the story is why the first Vampire Academy book is my least favorite of the series. I’m too old for that stuff. A lot of people worried that they overdid the drama, but it turns out that there was relatively little. The movie wasn’t even close to being all about mean girl Mia. Rose helping Lissa with her Spirit problems and figuring all that out plus the mystery of who is really after Lissa is the primary focus. The ending sequences were phenomenal! I loved every second.

By the way, I may be just a couple of years older than Danila Kozlovsky, who plays the instructor guardian Dimitri Belikov. I tell myself I’m too old to crush on him even though I love his long hair. But, my goodness, I felt like a teenybopper fan girl when it showed him strength training doing those arm pull-ups. I leaned forward in my seat, almost off the edge of it, and gaped. Wow! He played his part incredibly well. I was impressed with the entire cast, as well.

Watch Vampire Academy Online Though still excited, Hollywood hasn’t exactly produced a lot of books-to-movie that stayed true to the novels themselves and all in all failed to pull in new fans. The Marks brothers, however, did AMAZING! To begin with, I loved ALL the character choices. Lissa, Mason and Mia were spot on, Rose and Dimitri were FLAWLESS together (chemistry is off the charts) but the person I was the most surprised by was Christian. I’m not saying I loved him more then Rose and Dimitri, but everyone’s going on and on about them and I feel like Christian was just as important of a character and was portrayed extremely well.


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