Watch My Brother The Devil online free

Watch My Brother The Devil online freeA tender, bracing fraternal drama of London’s gang life, the immigrant experience, and questions no smaller than what “manhood” might mean to young men whose traditional cultures are colliding with the worst-and the best-of the secular west. In the busy swirl of London urban dramas which fly in and out of our cinemas this thoughtful and powerful film stands above the crowd.

Watcg My Brother The Devil online free

Movie Detail :
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Genre(s): Drama
Run Time: 111min.
Theatrical Release Date: 03/22/2013
Status: In Theaters
Distributor(s): Paladin
Director(s): Sally El Hosaini
Starring: James Floyd , Saïd Taghmaoui , Fady Elsayed

Synopsis :
A beautifully realized portrait of what it means to be a man, ‘MY BROTHER THE DEVIL‘ is all the more sharp and sensitive for having been made by a woman. Ms. El Hosaini, herself of Egyptian extraction and a long-time Hackney resident, developed the project at three Sundance Institute labs (Middle Eastern, Screenwriting, and Directing) and launched the film at this year’s Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals, winning prizes at each, before continuing on the international festival circuit, where the film has garnered numerous awards and accolades both here and abroad. The reviews generated by its recent UK release make ‘MY BROTHER THE DEVIL’ one of the most acclaimed British films of the past several years.


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