Watch Finding Joy online free streaming

Watch Finding Joy online free – It tells, touchingly but with no hint of sentimentality, the story of Joy, struggling to make sense of a world of confusion and fear, surrounded by a gallery of carers, some familial, some institutional. To the amazement and eventual delight of her hard-pressed daughter, Joy’s salvation materialises in the unlikely person of her wildly unconventional grandson. The growing bond of trust and love is superbly dramatised in an episodic structure recreating as memory recollection the seminal moments of her life, from wartime evacuation to courtship, marriage and childbirth. Tribulation and frustration are never underplayed, but are brilliantly transcended by comic inventiveness and an immensely affirmative joie de vivre.

Watch Finding Joy online free

Movie Detail :
Director: Carlo De Rosa
Writer: Shona Tuckman
Stars: Josh Cooke, Liane Balaban, Barry Bostwick

Synopsis :
A self-absorbed writer, stuck in more ways than one, rediscovers himself, his offbeat family, and what it means to be happy when he meets Joy–a spirited young woman who asks him to write her obituary.


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